Group 10

Chitralada School

Ritsumeikan High School

06/30 Meeting Report

Continuing from the previous meeting, we discussed research . Ritsumeikan suggested three proposals for research.

As a result of the meeting, it was decided to use yeast in vegemeat to increase the protein ratio and to compare before and after use. The yeast to be used is S. cerevisie.

Ritsumeikan also made a proposal for foods to be used, and Chitralada decided to use soybeans, yuba, barley, and seaweed as presented in the previous meeting. Ritsumeikan is still undecided. We chose [soybeans] as the common food for the two groups so that we could compare the results of our research.

Ritsumeikan informed that we could not eat what we made in the experiment. (could eat what they made in the kitchen.) Ritsumeikan also told them that only the three trainees could eat what they made. Therefore, we decided not to conduct a survey or tasting as a joint research project.

Decision: Use yeast (S.cerevisie) in vegemeat

Make a comparison between before

and after us

・Foods to be used

[Common] Soybeans

[Chitralada]Yuba, barley, seaweed


・No questionnaires will be taken

Next time: 7/20 17:00 -

Language exchange, detailed experimental methods

06/22 Meeting Report

1. We got to know each other :)

2. We proposed the idea of our projects

Rits "Comparison of plants, natural yeast, power generation with algae"

Chitralada "Comparison between the amount of protein in fish meat, plant-based fish in the market, plant-based fish produced/ create plant-based fish from 4 types of selected plants/ do a satisfaction survey"