Group 16

Princess Chulabhorn Science High School Loei

Nara Women’s University Secondary School

01/26 Presentation Report

We practiced the presentation together from begining to the end. We can fit the time of giving presentation within 15 minutes and we can tell well.

01/25 Meeting Report

We discussed about the slide for the presentation because the number of the slide's page were so many. After that, we practiced presentation together. At the next meeting, we practice it again.

01/23 Meeting Report

we made the slide before this meeting, today, we editted the slide to give a presentation.

we cut and add sentences to the slide while we are discussing on zoom. Also, we changed layoutes and mixed pages. So, today's meeting was the longest!

01/16 Meeting Report

We discuss and make sure about giveing a presentation. At first we discuss situation of each country and decide how to consider the result and make slide, etc specificaly. But in short, we could comfirm what to do till a presentation.

01/09 Meeting Report

We reported each progress. We have finished all the experiments. And we talked about how to analyze data and prepare for presentations. We will consider the result and make slides on next meeting.

12/12 Meeting Report

First, NWUSS's student explane how to use the program made for color evaluation.

Then, we presentation about the experimental method each other.

11/07 Meeting Report

We are did meeting and gave presentation about dyeing principle of each country's traditional dyes each other. In addition to those, Japanese school also give a presentation about experiment conducted before. Then we asked questions each other and strive to understand more deeply.

10/17 Meeting Report

We shared the way of experiment. And, we discussed to decide on the detail of our experiment. We want to report the experimental result in the next meeting.

09/05 Meeting Report

In this meeting, we discussed new research which PSHS students suggested.

As a result, it was decided that.

1 NWUSS students have to ask that they can use the eqipment at the univercity by tomorrow.

2 If NWUSS students can't borrow the eqipment from the univercity, they will suggest alternative plans to PSHS side.

08/01 Meeting Report

We discuss our topics. How to convert products wich generate at the reaction to energy, and how to extract RuBP from leaves. But while we researchng on the internet, we feel to extract RuBP from leaves is too difficult for us, so in the latter half, we also discuss how to collect CO2 from atomsphere. We thought to collect CO2 using Na2CO3 which Japanese school proposed, without using RuBP. But we couldn't dicide becaouse there isn't enough time so by the next meeting we will disucuss each school and in this group on LINE.

06/22 Meeting Report

Today, we introduced ourselves using slides or videos. After that, we explained our plan and shared some ideas about research. Then, we decided the date of the next meeting.