Group 7

Philippine Science High School - Eastern Visayas Campus

Miyagiken Sendai Daisan High School

Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology

08/10 Meeting Report

We shared progress report. And we will prepare the Interim report on next MTG.

07/29 Meeting Report

For today's meeting, Group 7 set a schedule for the research study implementation. In August, each school would do their individual activities; September to October would be the major experimental/data collecting stages; November would be summarization of results; while, in December, preparation for the presentation that will happen in January will occur. We also agreed on sharing our progress via Slack. Additionally, we would only meet every two weeks for the month of August, unlike before wherein we meet once a week.

For the agenda next meeting, we will be presenting our progress reports.

07/14 Meeting Report

We shared what each school would research regarding on plastic. Titech will research on degradation of plastics in point of chemistry and physics. Sensan will research on degradation of plastics by microorganisms. PSHS will research on characterstics of microplastics. We will have next meeting on July 21 and we will discuss about research more specifically.

06/23 Meeting Report

We introduced or members and our schools to each other. We discussed the research topic we wanted to do and decided on plastic as the major theme.

We will hold the next meeting on 7/14.