Group 8

Philippine Science High School - SOCCSKSARGEN Region Campus

Seishin Gakuen High School and Junior High School

10/15 Meeting Report

There was suppose to be a virtual meeting however due to unforeseen circumstances, the discussion was conducted through chat. The two schools focused on the methods they used and will use in the study. Since Seishin has already conducted the experiment, they are relaying some of the methods to PSHS-SRC. Also, Seishin has been experiencing contamination problems, and PSHS-SRC suggested some solutions to the problem. The conduct of the experiment of Seishin is somehow successful since they were able to produce ethanol. PSHS-SRC is still trying to start laboratory work since the availability of materials is their problem. The next meeting date is to be decided by the two schools. Progress of each schools will be discussed during the meeting.

10/01 Meeting Report

The meeting started off with the sharing of concerns from both schools. Seishin Gakuen High School had shared that the contamination problem that they encountered is still present despite using the proposed solutions for the problem. PSHS - SRC, on the other hand, needs an english translation of the document that comprises of the methodology to be used for the experiment. PSHS-SRC will try to conduct the laboratory experiment this week in order to troubleshoot the contamination problem while Seishin Gakuen High School will try to investigate the problem further. Regarding the document translation, both schools will try to find a way to get the translation.

09/16 Meeting Report

Seishin has presented the current progress of their experiment. They presented the contaminated sample test tubes where the yeasts have been contaminated by other non-yeast specimens. Some yeasts may not have been fully contaminated, while others may be fully contaminated. With this in mind, Seishin has agreed upon the idea of re conducting the experiment with brand new samples. Some samples might still be considered safe for experimental use, while the fully contaminated ones shall be disposed of.

The next major part of the meeting was that PSHS SRC has recieved he japanese copy of the methodology. While the english version is still unavailable, PSHS SRC will try their best to make use of the japanese version.

09/05 Meeting Report

We discussed the current progress and problems encountered that the experiment group has encountered. Specifically, their problem was that the growth medium that they were using became contaminated. They also asked us for suggestions in regard to the research title theme and other sugar types to be used for the fermentation process. The activities to be done next meeting is still to be decided as some members of the group were busy today. That will be all for today.

08/16 Meeting Report

During the meeting today, Seishin and PSHS-SRC merely discussed the research-related work they have been doing. Seishin shared that they have been using various flowers to extract yeast. And they are currently in a smooth process. PSHS-SRC, on the other hand, continues to struggle with experimentation because they can only use the lab during the month of September. However, they are the ones facilitating the meetings and report. By this, the objective of the project (collaboration) is still respected.

It was discussed that Seishin would offer a PDF of the PSHS RRL that had been edited and annotated. Additionally, they will send a step-by-step breakdown of the methodology they employed. PSHS will continue its investigation into potential sugars for the experiment in the meantime.

The time of the next meeting is set for September 5, 2022, at 17:00 JST.

07/25 Meeting Report

Before the start of the meeting, PSHS-SRC sent Seishin the link to the Review of Related Literature Draft they have been working on since after their last meeting on the 7th of July, 2022.

Once the meeting has started and after PSHS-SRC and Seishin have greeted each other, they decided on making it an objective by next meeting for Seishin to offer their feedback on the RRL Draft. Then, PSHS-SRC discussed the 5 local flowers they may use for their study, which were the Golden Trumlet (Allamanda cathartica), the Bridal Bouquet (Plumeria pudica), the Belladonna Lilly (Amaryllis belladonna), the Desert Rose (Adenium obesum), and the Crested Philippine Violet (Barleria cristata).

After that, Seishin presented their progress on their study, which included the flowers they are and will be using like the White Clover, Azalea, Lotus, and Erigeron Annuus. As of now, Seishin has only been able to extract flower yeast from thistles.

The discussed objectives for next meeting were for Seishin to offer their feedback on the RRL Draft so that until their next meeting, both PSHS-SRC and Seishin may revise the RRL Draft as seen fit.

07/04 Meeting Report

The research papers that PSHS-SRC collected over the course of the week were presented during our meeting. Seishin, on the other hand, gave an explanation of their research methodology, progress, and other vital information. It was mentioned that they haven't started with the study and they will use 10 different flowers from Japan. They will send a copy of their presentation for better basis.

The PSHS-SRC will get started by writing a review of related literature to lay the foundation for the actual research. A draft of the methodology will then be made as well. The other school will have a copy of it to see if they agree completely with our outputs.

It was also suggested to communicate only through Slack for the next two Mondays because of time conflict. The next meeting will be on the 25th of July, 17:00 JST, but this is still subject to change if there are any conflicts.

As much as possible, more specific information will be decided by the following meeting (start of experimentation, title, flowers to be used, methods, etc.).

Below are photos (with emojis to cover the faces) of the meeting.

06/27 Meeting Report

Today, our group has officially declared the research topic that we will be working with until the end of the collaboration. The topic that have decided to study is about making ethanol from flower yeast due to it's ease of collaboration. This idea was brought by Seishin High School. Further details about the study such as the methodology has not been released yet as the research paper from Seishin is still being processed. We have decided that both schools will be researching more related literature about the topic and that all ideas will be discussed in the next meeting.

06/20 Meeting Report

The two schools, PSHS-SRC and Seishin Guaken High School, shared their own research studies in their schools during today's meeting session. Seishin explained that their research involves producing ethanol with bougainvillea flower yeast. Meanwhile, PSHS-SRC shared several studies, including water quality testing, beverage sugar content determination, and identifying water salt concentrations. PSHS-SRC stated that they are more interested in using bougainvillea yeast to produce ethanol. To be more specific, they want to compare the production of ethanol from bougainvillea from Japan versus bougainvillea from the Philippines since both countries are somehow rich in this kind of flower.

For the next meeting, the goal is to decide (as much as possible) the research topic we will do for this collaboration, if everyone is interested in the comparative study PSHS-SRC is eyeing or if others have much better ideas. Those are actually everything that happened today.

Below, in the pictures section, is a collage of screenshots during the meeting. Emojis were used to cover the faces of the people to avoid including pictures with personal information.

06/13 Meeting Report

We introduced myself and decided next meeting day.