Group 2

New Generation School, Preah Sisowath High School

Ikueinishi Sr. High School

Ritsumeikan High School

01/25 Meeting Report

At today's meeting, we went through it once with the slides and scripts that we will use in the show. Although the slides are still incomplete, the script went through for now, and I think the time was good at 13 minutes. However, since each school wrote about their own data results and analysis, there were differences and discrepancies in the discussion and conclusion, and pronunciation and reading English were faltering, highlighting some problems. The last meeting will be a rehearsal on Friday, so we were all focused on making sure that our slides and manuscripts were perfect for the rehearsal.

01/16 Meeting Report

At today's meeting, we reviewed the shared script and slides (canva) and discussed how to analyze the data taken. We were able to discuss various ways to divide the data, such as by sex, by age group, (and a new discovery that because it was an all-girls school, it was not possible to divide the data by sex).

At the next meeting, we will complete our scripts and slides and move on to the rehearsal.

01/07 Meeting Report

We discussed the results of the experiment, and we thought about houw to analyze it. We need to think about how to put them together, because each of these results is disjointed.

We decided the roles when we made the presentation. We'll consider the results by the next meeting. We'll check the script and slide at the next meeting.

11/21 Meeting Report

Today, RITS prepared a presentation about their results for the experiment and explained how they used the chart to collect their data. Each schools exchanged their reports and shared the methods, equipments and sounds use. We have decided that we should do the testing on 15 different people in various age groups. In the next meeting which will be held around the middle of next month each school will be discussing about the details of the research and will begin to prepare their presentation for January.

09/30 Meeting Report

Today's meeting was held at two schools because NGS's schedule did not match. First, Ritsumeikan explained the questionnaire and demonstrated the procedure of the experiment. Until now, we had considered using headphones to produce sound, but it was difficult to equalize the difference in volume and pressure applied to the ears, so we proposed an experiment using speakers and a sound level meter. Ikueinishi then explained the informed consent and consent forms. Second, we decided on the type of noise to use in the experiment.

09/09 Meeting Report

this meeting, ritsumeikan explained how the experiment will be conducted. they showed us new materials that will be used such as pippette and microtube, whilst also explaining which ratio for ethanol and scents is best for the experiment which is th 2:1 ratio where we put 100ug of the oil and 50ug of the ethanol. then us a the pippete to add in the droplets onto the microtube then put a filter paper over the microtube and the filter paper is what we would use for our research to smell. we have decided that we would do the experiment at our school and share how it went during the next meeting. i think by the next meeting we will decide on a scientific name as our tittle , and each share how our conducted experiment is going , updates and suggestions that team members would like to add.

08/24 Meeting Report

Today we discussed procedures and research ethics: 1 Rits absent, 2 NGS absent, 1 ikunishi absent.

We started with free talk and then moved on to the explanation of procedures. (See the first picture.) We reviewed the material possessions and decided what odorant substances to use. The detailed environmental settings and the type of sound for the rest could not be decided, so we expect to decide through Slack and other social networking sites.

Ikunishi also gave a presentation on informed consent and confidentiality of personal information. With the help of the biology teacher, we will have it reviewed and make it more correct and better.

NGS gave a presentation on double blinds. There was a suggestion to "blindfold the subject," which would allow the subject to focus on hearing and smell by blocking out the sense of sight, and yet save the double-blind process by depriving the subject of his own sight. This was well received by other schools.

Before the next meeting, we will draft a questionnaire for the subjects, finalize the procedures (e.g., sensory time to prevent olfactory acclimation), complete the research ethics paperwork, and prepare materials for each school.

08/10 Meeting Report

We are planning to study the relationship between sound and smell. First, we decided on the type of odor. We decided to use Daiso aroma oil because I want to use the same products in Japan and Cambodia. Avoiding the same kinds of smells, we desided to use floral rose, citrus grapefruit, and herbal peppermint. But I couldn't find the same product for peppermint, so I had to suggest it until next time. The type of sound will also be decided next time.

07/25 Meeting Report

In our discussion today, the students each shared a concept for an experiment that is even more narrowly focused. Ritsumeikan students used things they brought with them to demonstrate how to perform their experiments and how it is done. Additionally, they have outlined the methods that will be used, including double blinding and individuals' informed permission. Students from Ikueinishi also shared their thoughts. When conducting the experiment, they advised measuring the quantity of scents, noting the smell, and assessing the subjects' physical and emotional states. A NGS student suggested that for a more thorough and scientific approach to the situation, we might measure their physical body's blood pressure while doing so.

We have chosen to incorporate all of those excellent suggestions by choosing a participant and conducting a double-blind study with the subject's informed consent. The next meeting we will showcase different smells we want to use that will be available in both countries and show it to our teammates and think of more different methods to do. First, we would take three scents and using sounds with the experiment, let the subject smell the different fragrances and sound to investigate their blood pressure as well as their feeling towards the smell with the sound.

07/19 Meeting Report

This meeting, we decided our topic.It's about the relationship between the sense of smell and hearing. It's also about the relaxing effect it can have.

We will discuss experimental methods at our next meeting.

07/12 Meeting Report

We discussed the research theme.

Ritsumeikan is about smell and human senses.

Ikuei Nishi is the relationship between sound and feelings.

NGS wants to protect natural seeds.

Based on these opinions, I intend to proceed with my research on the theme of the five senses.

Next time, we will discuss how to proceed concretely with the senses.

06/28 Meeting Report

A meeting was conducted through Zoom hosted by delegations from Rits.

The team had a meeting regarding our research topic. The delegations as well as the teachers agreed upon several topics per school. Ritz proposed a plan to create a "smell" that can be suitable for the well-being of everyone. They concluded that this "smell" can be useful to help ease the mind of others making workflow proactive. They also mentioned about the problems with having a variety of smells and how having one "smell" can help finalize the ongoing society. This was followed up by Ikueinishi, which proposed a plan to combine AI (Artificial Intelligence) with Psychology and how it can benefit the society. They mentioned how AI will start dominating the world and how we can help prepare the technology of tomorrow for the humans of today; a world full of emotions. NGS had 2 plans for the research topic. Firstly, they proposed a plan to incorporate AI with the human biology to distinguish whether one is sitting, standing, walking or running. This will be hard as it involves a lot of machine learning and data analysis. Their second topic, keeping control of invasive species, can be very beneficial (as said by the delegations).

This meeting ended at 7:00PM (JST) or 5:00PM (UST+10:00). The team will further discuss the topic for research in the mean time through various platforms.

06/21 Meeting Report

First we had icebreaking session. We introduced ourselves and we saw the introductory video. We confirm how we call each other. And we decided the regular contact tool. Lastly we used jamboard to come up with a research topic.

06/13 Meeting Report

We each introduced ourselves.