Group 9

Chitralada School

Tokyo Tech High School of Science and Technology

11/30 Meeting Report

In this meeting, we discussed the experiments we had done on each other and checked the differences in perception. About the experiments Japan presented the creation of hard gel without plants and Thailand presented the creation of water gel with plants. What we confirmed afterwards was as follows.

-Japan and Thailand, the purpose of this group is to combine plant ingredients in the gel.

-In Thailand, an experiment will let the gel contain the siam weed and check the test with blood. But not finding how to test it.

Future Trends in Japan

Currently, the same experiment is being conducted with different leaves: siam weed in Thailand and dokudami in Japan. However, we realized that this would be a "comparison of the hemostatic effect of dokudami and siam weed," and that there was no need to use gel. Therefore, I thought it would be more interesting to compare the environment in Thailand and Japan and examine the elution of herb ingredients and I plan to propose this to Thailand.

06/22 Meeting Report

Chitralada do the presentation a project which is hemostatic herb gel. Tokyo Tech share their ideas and will be presenting in the next meeting.