Group 11

Chulalongkorn University Demonstration Secondary School

Seishin Gakuen High School and Junior High School

Tennoji High School attached to OKU

01/19 Meeting Report

We shared the slide of plesentation,and we discussed about it. We also confirmed about what we say. I am so sad that the end of project is approaching.

01/10 Meeting Report

We shared slides created by each and pictures.

12/19 Meeting Report

Today, we shared our lab results to other schools. The results came out pretty good, so we divided all the things we have to do. Chulalongkorn will be responsible for the introduction and the review of literature part. Tennoji will do the methods and results. And Seishin’s part is the conclusions and discussion.

10/31 Meeting Report

We will buy chitosan and try it before the next experiment. We shared our experimental results. Description of experiments with chitosan.

11/14 Meeting Report

None of the schools had conducted the experiment much. So we discussed recent developments and how to check water quality. (Sorry for the delay in reporting.)

10/17 Meeting Report

From the previous meeting, we talked about each school’s idea of how we can improve electrocoagulation. Seishin presented their lab results with us about the electrode type. In conclusion, Seishin prefers using aluminum as electrodes. And 1 hour is the best amount of time for electrocoagulation process. Tennoji gave us an idea about the temperature. In conclusion, 25 degree Celsius is the common temperature for electrocoagulation process. And they will also do some experiments by increase the temperature by 10 degree Celsius. Chulalongkorn has already presented about Chitosan. We talked about the next step we’re going to do, which is to design the experiment together. But before doing that we have to make sure that every school have a water parameter measurement in each parameter that we had agreed to use for the project. We’re having the next meeting at the end of the month.

09/05 Meeting Report

We decided the name of theme. Also, we shared the details about ideas of electrocoagulation. We asked many questions each other, so we can understand our problems of these ideas.

08/25 Meeting Report

From the previous meeting we had decided for the main topic we’re going do. In this meeting we talk about how can we improve electrocoagulation in many ways. Then we create a google sheet to collect all the ideas from each school. We’re going to decide what to do next on the next meeting!

07/25 Meeting Report

We explained to each other the details of the research we had come up with in each of our schools. Then we talked about how we would decide on the topic. As a result, we decided to create a questionnaire on LINE and vote on which research we would like to do!

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07/19 Meeting Report

Today we had a second meeting. We each introduced our culture which felt great to know each culture. We also presented our project. Seishin presents more on their flower yeast project. Tennoji presented about Biomass and new ways to attract fly. Chulalongkorn presented about Electrocoagulation. And we decided to choose the main topic on our next meeting. We had so much fun in this meeting.

07/11 Meeting Report

Today,we meet each other on first time at zoom.First,We introduced ourselves by a movie,and PowerPoint. Second, we discussed about the theme of our research project. Amazingly,all members were interested in environment.Third, we decided the day of our next meeting. On the next meeting, I will introduce Japanese special foods. We think that we are keeping to stay touch. I’m looking forward to the next meeting!

06/13 Meeting Report

To have communication was very difficult, but it was interesting.I am looking forward to research with other schools.I want to make friends including foreigners.