Group 5

Philippine Science High School - Caraga Region Campus

Ichijo Senior High School

08/09 Meeting Report

We decide the schedule of experiments.

We will understand contents of experiments well and will start experiments at each school.

07/20 Meeting Report

We decided what kind of experiments we will do. We share each suggestion about it. We will think about more specific detail of experiments by next meeting (next meeting is on August 8th).

07/05 Meeting Report

We decide the date we will meet, and what are we going to research.

It will be Wednesday on every two weeks.

We are going to research about bio plastics.

06/13 Meeting Report #2

For the first time, we with our partnering school and introduced ourselves. PSHS-CRC's advisor then led the meeting and oriented us regarding our communication platform. We connected through online media and exchanged Google emails with one another. Due to the limited time, we could not further discuss on research topics. Therefore, we will continue these discussions through Google Jams and Slacks.

06/13 Meeting Report

introduce ourselves, decide next meeting schedule